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Introducing Claris from Zumtobel

This lighting unit was designed to help meet Well Building Standards and has a UGR < 16. Claris has a very thin profile with a visible profile height of only 1”. Driver is integral to the fixture, and delivers up to 1100 lumens per foot. The fixture is offered in 4 housing finishes, and 6 louver finishes to fit any décor. Check out Claris for efficient, visually-comfortable lighting.

Visit http://zumtobel.us/claris/ to learn more.

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Introducing the Aron Quad TBar

The QUAD TBar is unlike any other recessed down-light in the LED lighting industry. With a unique mounting on the intersection of the ceiling grid, there is no need for grid customization, as the fixture seamlessly integrates on the existing grid system. Ceiling panels lay on the flanges provided by the fixture housing and with ARON Lighting’s partnership with Armstrong Ceilings, custom ceiling panels are available to make installation even simpler.

With many aesthetic and performance options, as well as exceptional output levels of up to 750 lumens per quadrant, the QUAD TBar truly redefines how lighting designers and architects can integrate a down light into any space, including offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and retail applications.

Visit aronlighting.com to learn more.

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JLC Tech Lighting Products in room

Aron Lighting

LaFace and McGovern is excited to represent JLC Tech lighting. Their-BAR LED Smartlight™ is a lighting system integrated into T-Bars for suspended ceilings, using the most powerful LEDs available on the market. The T-BAR allows their product to be fully integrated or retrofit into any type of suspended ceiling. Utilizing LED technology, they have abandoned the decades old, tired and already overused standards for light fixture design. JLC-Tech is dedicated to maximizing the energy saving qualities of LED’s and marrying them to modern, creative and structurally interactive designs.

Check them out at www.jlc-tech.com, or ask your salesman to see this unique lighting system.

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Fluxwerx by Lumenpulse, Inc

Lumenpulse Inc, a leading manufacturer of high performance, specification-grade LED lighting solutions, has acquired Fluxwerx Illumination Inc.

Fluxwerx is a manufacturer of innovative, high-performance, LED luminaires for the general lighting of commercial and institutional spaces, such as office, education and healthcare. Founded in 2011, Fluxwerx has quickly established itself at the forefront of LED lighting solution providers, with a distinctive product offering and innovative proprietary anidolic optics technology.

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Aron Lighting

LaFace & McGovern would like to introduce you to Aron Lighting. They are US-based manufacturer of high performance interior LED lighting products for commercial, office, retail, educational and industrial spaces. Their innovative designs will provide an efficient and somewhat unique lighting system.

Visit them at http://www.aronlighting.com/

Introducing: Rail-Lite by Betacalco

Rail-Lite’s unique sliding system allows LEDs to be positioned closer to objects, therefore maximizing lumens on target merchandise and displays.

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LTH Series Track Lighting

Completing the LTH Series from Lithonia LED Lighting® with the FLTB, GRG & EM track heads

  • Engineered for simplicity
  • Easy Installation
  • Delivers beautiful, clean designs
  • Wide-range of adjustability

The LTH Track Series Portfolio provides high-quality, energy efficient lighting solutions when paired with acculamp® LED Lamps.

LED Adjustable Exam Lights

Commercial LED Troffers and Fixtures

GTL Series Recessed LED Troffers

Building on the success of the Contractor Select LED troffer and demand for options, Lithonia LED Lighting introduces the GTL Series now available with a number of affordable options. Light options Include:

Lumen Packages:

  • 2’x2′ GTL is available with 2000, 3300 or 3700 lumens.
  • 2’x4′ GTL is available with 3000, 4000, 4800, 6000 or 7200 lumens.
  • Lenses: A12 or A19 prismatic; or, satin white (SWL).

Color Temperatures (CCTs): 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K

Kirlin’s LED Adjustable Exam Lights Replace Asymmetric Fluorescent Surgical Troffers

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Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

8000 Series High Performance COB Floodlight‏

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Crestron Lighting logo


LaFace & McGovern is excited to now represent Crestron Electronics. They engineer, manufacture, and deliver the world’s most advanced control and automation technology. Their extensive and continually improving quality control system ensures they deliver cutting-edge products that work right for the first time and every time for years to come. For additional information, please visit our Controls Division page.

D-Series LED Bollard – By Acuity Brands Lighting Manufacturers

Designed to Perform. Built to Last. ‏

The D-Series LED Bollard is designed to perform the way a
bollard should – with zero uplight.

  • Zero Uplight
    Optical design cuts off all light above horizontal, making it perfect for areas with strict lighting ordinances.
  • Designed to Last
    Sturdy, 8″ aluminum shaft, super durable finish and advanced LEDs deliver an expected 20+ year service life.
  • Remarkable Energy Savings
    Delivers energy savings of 69% over 100W metal halide bollards.
  • Emergency Battery Backup
    Optional cold temperature (-20C) battery backup provides at least 50% illumination during times of power loss.
  • Controls Ready
    Features a 0-10V dimming driver as standard equipment.

Lampa Wall Sconce with LED Lights and Fixture

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Lampa led light manufacturers doc

The ID LED 2.5″ Adjustable Light Family

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led adjustable light family document with images

Vellum Suspended Luminaires LED Lighting

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Vellum Peerless LED Lighting Solutions Info Guide

NEW — Square from Peerless. Dare to Compare

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Peerless Soft Shine - NEW Square From Peerless Pic

Visit the NEW FocalPointLights.com website

The Art of Light® illuminates the art of architecture and interior design. We’re inspired by what you do – the beautiful spaces you create – and we design our luminaires to enhance their beauty and function. In turn, we offer inspiration to elevate your own work. Visit our gallery, and bring what’s possible to light.

Commercial LED Adjustable Light Family

Introducing the Skydome LED Family

Simplicity of shape. Versatile style. A family of classic, eye-pleasing illuminated circles now available in LED. Span 2’, 3’ and 4’ diameters with round recessed, surface mounted and suspended LED luminaires. Enjoy the beautifully even appearance and low maintenance fluorescent lighting could not achieve.

LED System
• Several standard output levels, Pendant & Surface Mount are Right Light™ capable
• 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
• CRI >80
• Selection of dimming drivers including 0-10V and Lutron
• L70 at 76,000 hours*
• 5 year limited warranty

Commercial LED Adjustable Light Family

Bruno LED from Peerless is Here

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With less adornments and more advancements, Bruno LED suspended and wall luminaries from Peerless® deliver energy-saving performance and eye-inviting illumination from a minimalist form designed for maximum appeal. nLight® options from Sensor Switch® boost lighting efficiency further.

Commercial LED Lighting Systems spec sheet

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Lithonia Lighting D-Series LED Bollard
Juno Lighting Group logo

Juno Lighting Group

Acuity Lighting has recently added the Juno Lighting Group to it family of industry leading lighting manufacturers. Juno has been an innovation leader with recessed fixture optics such as their Hyberbolic Reflector, and their end of life sensing technology. Juno also sets the standard for residential, as well as commercial track lighting products.

L&M is excited to be able to offer Juno as part of our list of quality lighting manufacturers.